GOM Audio

Play music in high quality audio from any format and sing along with provided lyrics

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista

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GOM Audio
GOM Audio

GOM Audio, one of the free music players, provides you with music and syncs your lyrics. GOM Audio plays your music from CDs, and you can play it in other formats for the highest quality. You have a plethora of effects and useful features that you can take full advantage of. In addition, you have the multi-speed playback, an equalizer and a pitch adjustment. These are ideal for both the general audience and music artists. Through GOM Audio, you can achieve the highest level of audio quality. It has also been optimized for a variety of different environments.

Sync the Lyrics for Audio Playback

Through this software, you can listen to your music as you follow along with the lyrics, and if there are no lyrics available, you can choose to enter in your own lyrics to sing along with it. You can do this through what's known as the Sync Lyrics Editor. After that, you upload them to the software. Through what's known as the Podcast Service, you have the option to listen to the most popular podcasts, and you can stream and download the music. One of the coolest things about this program is how you can enjoy all the functions on your PC and mobile device. You should download the GOM Audio for the best results.

Why Should You Use GOM Audio

You should use this system because it remains 100 percent free. GOM Audio lets you download, install and use this program for as long as you want, and you don't have any strings attached. You simply make use out of it however you want. The creators of the GOM Player designed this software so that it can answer the audio playback. GOM Audio is based on the GOM Player.

Listen to Your Favorite Internet Radio Stations

Once you have downloaded GOM Audio, you will have access to some of the most popular internet radio stations. They come pre-loaded for your convenience, and similar to the GOM Media Player, GOM Audio will let you play the live streams and broadcasts from across the globe. They have all been hosted in the online environment.

Sign up with GOM Audio

Before you can get started, you will first have to link your profile to a GOM ID. This ID gets managed and synced with the lyrics through editing and uploading them. You will also have access to some of the personal details on your account, and the advantage is how the lyrics get shared through the PC over into the mobile device. If you like to listen to GOM Audio, then perhaps this player will have all the functions and features that you desire.


  • You will have access to listen to your favorite radio stations.
  • GOM Audio is 100 percent free, and you can use it for however long you'd like.


  • The quality of the audio is spotty.

GOM Audio is the free and lightweight audio player that you have been looking for.

When you want to play music, GOM Audio is the player that you want to have on your computer. It’s a free download, and it has a ton of options so that you can get a full player without spending any money. It’s a compact player that is easy to use.

The moment you begin working with GOM Audio, it will be easy to figure out what to do. The interface tells you everything you need to know. That's a good thing because there is no help menu to guide you through the features.

You have the ability to create and manage playlists based upon the music genres that you enjoy listening to. You can choose to view and edit the ID3 tags, making it easier to manage your library. There are all of the basic features that you would expect out of a music player, including shuffle and repeat.

There is a built-in equalizer within the program. You can use presets or manually adjust based upon the level of user that you are. The presets are grouped by genre, including Party, Dance, Ska and more.

Various formats are supported on GOM Audio including WMA, WAV and MP3. You can also play online playlists so that you can introduce more music into your repertoire.

If you want to access functions of the program with a single keystroke combo, you can configure these within settings. This allows you to make some adjustments just by reaching out to your keyboard.

When you are an advanced user, you will be able to change the levels of the music, including 3D surround sound and even reverb. This is something that you can walk yourself through once you investigate all of the settings featured in the program.

The interface is a breeze to work with. It shows you what your functions are and you can figure out everything that needs to be done within minutes of working with the program. The design is elegant and there are various skins that you can use. This allows you to customize your player so that it fits your overall Windows theme and your personality. You can even change the placement of the buttons so that it makes sense to you.

GOM Audio is the kind of program that everyone can use. Beginner and advanced users alike have been able to find benefits to using this program and it is likely that you will be able to do the same. While it is a little heavy on resources, if you have a lot of RAM on your computer, it is likely that you will not even notice.

The moment you download, you can begin listening to all of your favorite music – online or what's stored locally.


  • Free to download
  • Skins for personalization
  • Great menu options


  • No help menu
  • Resource consumption is high

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